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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  October 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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some live pictures and you can see 101 at the top of your screen they are doing a rolling break and it is causing a little bit of slow traffic so be careful with that. >> they are doing lincoln figure racing, so if you are driving here soon, give yourself some time. you will see temporary closures as they change those cones. 4:29 let's go back to the desk. we begin with developing news, crews are on the scene putting out some hot spots. that fire started on the avenue and claudine wong is there with more on the challenges they faced with fire. good morning claudine. >> yes, they are still on the scene, take a look behind me and you can see the latter truck still in giving some
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light onto the front of that house. firefighters say there is still some hot spots trying to deal with a partial roof collapse and so they will be out here for a quite a while. a full investigation will get underway when light comes out at daybreak and we will get a look at it underway. this started at 12:15 and they saw heavy fire coming to the back of the building. they also called for more help and the fire was coming from three sides of the house and was surrounding the homes. firefighters also had to be evacuated. >> early on in the fire, we had to evacuate the fire from the building so we could get large portions of the fire knocked down. >> they were two houses away and they were getting ready
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early on in the fire incase they needed to move and luckily they didn't have to evacuate their homes. >> unless they lay of few houses away, he took video away from that roof. we talked about evac wakes but they were first on the scene this morning and one of the five occupants inside needed help getting out of the building and berkeley police officers ran in there and two officers reported seeing heavy smoke just above their heads and certainly they are being called for helping that woman get out. they are continuing to make sure this fire is completely out. one of the other challenges they are standing on ashby avenue, we have one lane blocked off as this hose lane
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stretches. yet again, the investigation getting underway, they say this fire does not appear to be suspicious. over also night, two san jose men were shot minutes apart on the same block. one told police he was walking in the seven trees neighborhood. he heard a car behind him, next thing he knew he was being shot. then another man said the same thing, he was shot as well. both men are expected to survive. emotions boiled over at oakland city hall last night. >> can you remove those people who are protesting and refuse to take their seats. >> they say the police shooting of alan blueford back in may
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was unwarned and -- unwarranted and unjustified. >> you can see the pain in my eyes my heart is broken but you turn away from me and act like it don't matter, alan blueford is gone... >> he gave his copy of the report to the alan blueford family but it still remains with unanswered questions. alan blueford pointed a gun at an officer. and it came with the release of a court appointed review. they exam anybodied nine police shootings and it states they were sympathetic towards fellow officers and in several cases officers who opened fire did not face an immediate threat. some of the officers could potentially be disciplined. president barack obama and mitt romney face off tonight in
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denver. the format will be a little different than past presidential debates. we will hear what issues will get special emphasis tonight. all lanes are back open after a big accident at about he 10:30 last -- at about 10:30 last night. the man slammed into the suv and the other driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. they shut down the area until they clear the scene. three vehicles including an ambulance have been damaged since thursday. one driver even suffered some injuries when an object came crashing right through his windshield hitting his arm.
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all three incidents happened near g street, anybody with information is asked to call police. the man accused of snatching a nine-year-old from a restroom in san mateo is facing new charges. they are tying the man to an incident that happened in march. he photographed a group of nine- year-old girls from underneath a restroom stall and is currently being held on felony kidnapping and charges from the incident at parkside school. they are moving some jobs and teachers to other schools. the allan rock school district is notifying parents of the changes. they are eliminating 13 teaching jobs and they have 211 fewer students than projected
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and attendants is down 500 from last year. the changes are expected to save them $1 million. and they are opening on the second day. this is the first day nurses that the hospital have walked a picket line. hospital negotiations say they want them to pay more for their healthcare. >> it sickens me, they are asking the nursing force, the force that drives this hospital to take reductions. >> hospital executives are concerned about the financial problems after they go into effect. 73% of patients do not receive care that is fully covered by medicare reimbursements. you may notice more
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students walking to school. many plan to take part in the event and the goal is to encourage healthy habits and reduce pollution. let's go to sal for traffic, let's just keep an eye out for everybody walking to school today. >> that is a good idea. people are getting out early and last time i spoke to you i told you about a chase going on southbound 880 on, a street. everything is being resolved, they are taking somebody into custody and you may see some police activity. let's move along and take a look at 880 westbound, that looks good as you move towards the bay plaza which is light. this traffic looks good in and
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out of the city approaching the 80 split. it is 4:38 let's go to steve. be careful what you wish for. now people are complaining it's too hot. well, things are changing. we have a little bit of a west wind and that was not the case yesterday, it is still 62 in san francisco. yesterday it was 68. west at fso so it is starting. it being that on shore breeze and this will play into the weekend weather. it will be cooler for most.
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and areas like vacaville and mendocino and maybe another day. i would not be surprised about 6:30 or 7:00 when that west wind starts, 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. look at the high temperatures and maybe a little splash and , probably more clouds breezy and cooler. >> 440 is the time right now. banning nudity, a push to get people to cover up and there could be an exception to the rule. and the miracle run, why they will not be vocal any time soon. good morning, southbound 880 traffic, big event around noontime, i will let you know what is going on and why you
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may want to avoid it with your car.
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. good morning skies are clear, temperatures are still warm inland but not as cool. 60s 70s 80s and the 90s. reporter sandra joins us with a preview, good morning sandra. >> reporter: good morning, pam, it is the first time both candidates will share the same stage and square off and each side will have to make a perfect sway sufficient -- perfect space sufficient case as to how to turn the economy around. the first showdown between president barack obama and governor mitt romney will focus
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on domestic issues with heavy emphasis on the economy, something we heard a lot about on the campaign trail. >> what i am most concerned about is our most serious discussing about what we need to do to keep the country growing. >> do you want four more years with people struggling to find a job? >> reporter: romney said at a recent stop it is not about winning. >> mitt romney is the underdog and he will be ready on the issues which is what this is about. >> they say the debate will pressure the challenger. >> i think the debate will be interesting and they will be held to account for as far -- for more as far as the facts
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and details. >> reporter: both know the questions an answers can be costly. >> quite a few have lost an election with a debate. >> meaning what happens tonight could decide what happened. >> live in denver, i am sandra back to you. >> our coverage starts at 6:00 p.m. time now 4:46, they created a protest to ban sitting on sidewalks in the city's commercial areas. opponents shared ice cream and a kiss in front of city hall and they say it was a recreation of president barack obama and michelle obama's first date of eating ice cream on the sidewalk.
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it will unfairly tar get the homeless. a san francisco city leader is working to get people covered up and they are receiving numerous complaints about the naked people who frequented the public plaza at 17th and market streets. now he is proposing a plan and people in the area say castro is known for that but some nudests have taken it too far. >> it is just a little dekorum and some respect for people too because we don't want to push nudity either. >> if it is signed they will be fined for first offense and another fine for a second offense. a response to the massive
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fire at the refinery in august protesters are asking for safety emissions. they plan to march and yesterday the city council is requiring them to rebuild the unit that caused the fire. the mystery of missing seems toster da -- teamster boss, they say they have tested the soil and the home was searched after he said he saw a man being buried at the time he disappeared. they found no evidence of human remains. this is far from over. >> last night they beat the texas rangers 3-1, now on to the final day and if they can knock out texas, the a's will
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enter the western league division >> they trailed by 13 games. despite wanting to move to the south bay, they will stay in oakland until 2018. they are negotiating a five- year lease extension and the team does not want to pay a penalty for leaving early and it would take years to build one. how is it looking so far, sal. >> it looks good, so far so good, you mentioned the a's game, we will be reminding people of that. these games have been well attended and why not, if you want to get there, take part and if you are driving near the
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coliseum just remember there will be a lot of people leaving the coliseum. let's move along and look at interstate 880 as you move to the mcarthur maze, that traffic is moving well as you head out to the mcarthur maze. no problems getting into san francisco, again san francisco has been very crowded these days and we have oracle open world and just a lot of events coming up no doubt you heard about that, this traffic is san jose say looks okay, let's go to steve. unbelievably big game for the a's. people are getting a little upset here on the coast. fog is out there, it is a west winds and that's the key and it has started. it is still rather mild, it is
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we have not seen any schooling yesterday. west at fairfield, that is the key if that gets over 15 or 20 we will let you know. dropping to montana or idaho, we will have some clouds on the weekend and it will be breezy and warm for sop. again the timing -- for some. again the timing, temperatures can drop 15 to 20-degrees by the coast. we will carry it to friday and it looks like a breezy and cool weekend, pam. 4:51 helping oakland solve crimes. that allows them to tell police while still staying anonymous. how about that sound. the place in the bay area where you will hear those loud sirens
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and why you don't need to be alarmed.
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. they died in separate shootings on monday and
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tuesday. a 44-year-old man was shot on his perch near 57th avenue and the boulevard. they don't believe they are tied together and nobody has been arrested. it is call knicks tip watch. we will hear more about it when it is launched later today. we are learning more about a lafayette man who died. a toxicology test finds brett had an excessive amount of alcohol in his system. an autopsy shows he drowned and his death has been ruled an accident. well, if you are in san mateo county you will likely hear this sound that will wake
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you up. county services will be doing a full test for tsunami changes and it will last one to three minutes. and on friday is you will -- friday, you will hear a test for fleet week. it is part of fleet week and local management and military officials will be transporting medical supplies. traffic could be rerooted in -- rerouted in that area so be aware of that. drivers don't stop and watch the blue angels, pull over in a safe spot if you are going to do that. >> yes, not a good idea. thank you, pam. traffic is moving a around well
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-- moving around well in the bay area. highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland, no major problems on the other side. we are looking good here and traffic is moving along well here and no problems into the city and no problems leaving into the lower deck. it is a very good time to do so. northbound 17, 101, 8587, all -- 85, 87, all of those freeways are off to a good start. the key is a west wind as started, on fso and out to the  delta. still very mild and warm for some. there is a puff at fso and if everything continues to ramp up, temperatures will drop off by the coast. clear skies, i think breezy sunny, cooler for most, it
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might take another day for those well inland. once that west winds crank, it really takes -- cranks up, it take temperatures down. we will have partly cloudy, pam. coming up next, tracking the killers of the u.s. ambassador in libya. the covert options being considered right now. and we will have more on a video you will only see here on 2.
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. they never called me, they never gave me an answer and they are still not giving me an answer. an angry mother, what she is demanding after the fatal shooting of her son. why president barack obama and mitt romney are trying to lower expectations in tonight's debate. and there is a whole lot on the line as the oakland a's head to their final game of the season. what happens if


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